End of the Line on My 67th Birthday

Selfie at 67
Selfie at 67

I came into the political multiverse of the ballot box with the election of Richard Nixon, in 1972. I’m going out, it seems, on the election of Donald Trump.

They’re alike in being conscienceless men whose only goal, politically, was achievement of power. They achieved that goal by appealing to the most base of human emotions. Nixon appealed to racial hatred of blacks, and Trump appealed to racial hatred of blacks, the Brown Horde, and Jews. Trump, more particularly, appealed to hatred of women, as well. “Such a nasty woman,” he said, because she wouldn’t acknowledge his male superiority. At another point in the debates, he stalked her around the stage, standing right up next to her, or behind her, trying to intimidate a 5’7″ woman with his 6’3″ bulk.

A majority of voters approved of Hillary Clinton, but a majority of Electoral votes will go to Trump, because his approval margins were spread more widely among the states. Arguments about the EC right now are silly. The damage can’t be undone, and no kind of legislative action can be taken to remedy the situation in the near term. It’s an argument for a time when rationality and decency have been restored.

I will continue to try to be a decent person, and do what is right. “Love God, and keep his commandments.” Take care of my family, and yes, worry about what is going to happen to them. And keep referring back to Amos, when things really seem to be going into the toilet.

Judgment on Israel
Judgment on Israel

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