Hillary Clinton – Awards and Honors

  • 1969 first Wellesley student to deliver commencement address (selected by acclamation by the other students)
  • 1988 voted one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America by National Law Journal
  • 1991 voted one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America by National Law Journal
  • 1994 Living Legacy Award by the Women’s International Center for “… her vast contributions in so many fields, especially honoring her work for women and children.”
  • 1995 the New York University Annual Survey of American Law dedicated its 52nd volume to Clinton. (Each spring since 1942 the NYU Annual Survey has dedicated a volume to a preeminent attorney.)
  • 1997 winner, Grammy Award for Spoken Word Album: “It Takes a Village.”
  • 1997 Lincoln Medal from the Ford’s Theatre Society, presented annually to “individuals who, through their body of work, accomplishments or personal attributes, exemplify the lasting legacy, and mettle of character embodied by” Abraham Lincoln.
  • 1998 the United Arab Emirates Health Foundation Prize, “… given to a person or persons, an institution or institutions, or a nongovernmental organization or organizations having accomplished notable advances in the health field since the promotion of the global strategy for achieving health for all by the year 2000 elaborated following the International Conference on Primary Health Care, which was held in Alma-Ata in 1978.”
  • 1999 the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Children of Chernobyl Relief Fund “… in recognition of her long-standing efforts to improve children’s health in Ukraine and around the world.”
  • 1999 the Mother Teresa Award by the government of Albania, for “… Mrs. Clinton’s work for humanitarian aid in the Balkans.”
  • 2004 Nursing Health and Humanity Award from the University of Rochester School of Nursing, “… given to someone who has made significant contributions toward advancing the science of nursing and influencing the professional practice and public image of nursing.”
  • 2006 Outstanding Public Service Award from the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, “…  for her work in support of women’s reproductive health.”
  • 2006 Remembrance Award from the Northeastern New York Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association
  • 2007 honorary doctorate in medicine by the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, for being “a strong advocate for increased investment in medical research” and for “raising awareness of the increased health problems linked to obesity, poor quality food and physical inactivity.”
  • 2009 Margaret Sanger Award by Planned Parenthood “… to recognize leadership, excellence, and outstanding contributions to the reproductive health and rights movement.”
  • 2009 Salute to Greatness Award by the Martin Luther King Center “… to recognize individuals and corporations that exemplify excellence in their leadership and have demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr.”
  • 2010 George McGovern Leadership Award by the World Food Program USA“… for her commitment and visionary approach to ending global hunger.”
  • 2012 Champions for Change Award for Leadership by the International Center for Research on Women “… in recognition of her long-standing dedication to empowering women and girls worldwide and ensuring their human rights.”
  • 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award for Peace and Reconciliation by theWorldwide Ireland Funds “… to salute her commitment to peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland over her two decades as First Lady, US Senator and Secretary of State.”
  • 2013  Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service, the highest Pentagon medal given to private citizens
  • 2013  Warren Christopher Public Service Award by the Pacific Council on International Policy, “… presented to those who demonstrate commitment to international and domestic affairs, to the highest ethical standards, to promotion of the common good, to equality and fairness, and to government service as a noble pursuit.”
  •  2013 Chatham House Prize by Chatham House, “… in recognition of her personal leadership in driving a new era of US diplomatic engagement and for her particular focus on promoting education and rights for women and girls.”
  • 2013 Liberty Medal, by the National Constitution Center, “… for her career in public service and advocacy efforts on behalf of women and girls around the world.”
  • 2014 Ripple of Hope Award, by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Center, which “… celebrates leaders of the international business, entertainment, and activist communities who have demonstrated a commitment to social change.”
  • 2015 Barbara Jordan Public-Private Leadership Award, given to “a deserving woman anywhere in the world who has made the highest achievement during the preceding year or years in any honorable field of human endeavor in the public or private sector.”

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