Quantum Biology

Below, are some notes from a documentary on quantum physics in nature, and how the study of quantum behavior has resulted in a new field of quantum biology.

Things that make you go, “Hmm.”

  • Frog metamorphosis
    The metamorphosis of a frog is enabled by a combination of enzymes and quantum tunneling. Tunneling is the ability of particles to penetrate surrounding materials and reform on the other side; analogously to light passing through a window. The tunneling enables the enzymes to break down structural tissue within the tadpole, so that it can be reformed in the shape of the frog.

  • Smell
    The ability to smell is based on vibrating strings (as in, String Theory). Aroma is based on the harmonics of the vibrations, which is why it is possible for two different objects, with two different molecular structures, to smell the same — they have the same harmonics.

  • Bird navigation
    Bird navigation is based on quantum entanglement. Entanglement is the association between atomic particles that causes two particles to exhibit predictably the same state or opposing states. The earth’s magnetic field causes one of the pair to shift state, and this shift enables the bird to determine which way to fly.

  • Photosynthesis
    Photosynthesis depends on Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, which states that it is impossible to know the state of a particle at any given moment. The photon of light triggers the release of a particle, the exciton, that must travel to the binding or receiving molecule by the most efficient means. It does this by exhibiting the quantum behavior of a wave, traveling all directions at once, until it finds the receptor.

  • Genetic Mutation
    Genetic mutation is caused by protons “jumping” across the barriers that occur in genes and which are designed to hold the genes in a particular shape. This shape determines which other genes are allowed to bind in the DNA framework. The proton movement changes the shape of the gene, so that other genes are able to bind to it.

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